A behind-the-scenes chat with two successful business owners on growth, freedom and how to…

Ever wish you could grab drinks with two successful CEO’s, and listen in on their next-level convos?  

We’re meeting up for a wit- and wisdom-packed digital soiree …
and you’re invited!

You know — real talk about topics like:

YOU AS A CREATIVE: on making space to stay inspired

Q: Where do you go most often to get inspired?

YOUR BUSINESS LIFE: for an everyday you really love

Q: Do you believe in “having it all”? What have you had to give up + gained running a business?

YOUR BUSINESS VILLAGE: where to begin, what’s possible at the next level

Q: Who was your first full-time employee? How many do you have now?

YOUR MONEY MAP: how to start + how to scale your revenue

Q: How do you decide what to prioritize? Why was the now the time to launch a podcast?

YOU AS THE CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR: on blessings, pitfalls + leaping

Q:  Why are there so many former actors, dancers like you and I in business?

Join Marie and I as we share the hidden workings of our businesses, and get your burning questions answered as well.

Two former dancers in New York City who bartended, catered, and hustled our way into serious empires as creative entrepreneurs — we’ll not only dish exactly how we did it, but reveal aspects of our businesses that you don’t always see.

Tune in to watch us…

Pull up a seat, pour yourself a cup, and let’s get down to business.

*I fully believe in the power of this work given my personal experience with the

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