“What are the fears that held you back from starting your business, or stop you from growing today?”

I, Hilary, posed that question to the 225 students inside my Elegant Excellence Mastermind. Women ranging from “so green I’m still deciding between my business ideas” to 7-figure revenues and a decade of experience.

There were a hundred comments in an hour. The vulnerability was beautiful, the self-awareness inspiring. Most exciting, was the truth that they really came down to just four fears.

Phrased or seen or felt differently, but at the core, the same fears we’re all facing at every stage. Meaning, when we call them out and learn how to gracefully move past them, we find freedom for every new and next level of our goals and dreams.

One of my mentors and colleagues, Marie Forleo, just wrote her #1 New York Time’s Best Selling book “Everything is Figuroutable”. A book about life and business fears, and how to overcome — I was instantly inspired to ask her to partner with me on a major empathy-plus-empowerment workshop.

We’re each former dancers, New York City girls who worked every odd job from cleaning toilets to bartending to disco party dancing to get our entrepreneurial dreams off the ground.

In short, we didn’t have any special connections, money, or knowledge when we start our businesses as a life coach (Marie) and personal stylist (Hilary).

What we did have was gumption, grit, and grace. What we have now, are years of knowledge we hope to pass onto those entrepreneurs behind and beside us.

Pour yourself a cup and join us for this virtual happy hour slash therapy session where we’ll share:

The 4 most common fears holding you back from starting or scaling

How we’ve personally overcome each ourselves

How we’ve personally coached tens of thousands of students to do the same

A simple conversation, with life shifting implications if you have a dream, goal, or idea you’re afraid to start or are timid to grow.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail, wouldn’t ever feel embarrassed?

What would you do if you knew you’d  always have enough money while doing it? 

What would you do if you knew and knew exactly how to make it happen?

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Yes to more confidence in 2020!

A year from now, this could be the conversation that changed everything…

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